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Yulin Normal University (YNU), founded in 1945, is located in Yulin City, the hometown of the famous linguist Wang Li, which is one of the best tourist cities in China and an ancient city of thousands of years in the southeast of Guangxi. It covers an area of 120 hectares and is the only undergraduate university directly under the Guangxi Autonomous Region in the southeast of Guangxi.


At present, there are 1,492 faculty and staff, 150 of whom have senior professional titles, and 108 of whom have doctoral or master's supervisors. The university has 16 colleges, covering 10 disciplines such as economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, agriculture, and art. There are 65 undergraduate majors. The school recruits students from 25 provinces in China and other countries in the world.


Located in the southeast of Guangxi ,Yulin is an ancient cultural city with a history of more than 2.000 years.It enjoys the reputation of "Metropolitan of Lingnan" since ancient times and is the political, economic and cultural center in the southeast of Guangxi. Yulin, adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, is an important and convenient passage for the sea in southwest China. It also enjoys the reputation of the world's largest daily ceramic production and export base, the world's capital of jeans, the traditional Chinese medicine capital in southern China, the largest internal combustion engine production base in China, and the hometown of overseas Chinese.



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